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    July 2018 Pastor's Note

    Pastors Note July 13, 2018 Rev. David Smith
    This month we begin the new missional strategy plan to accomplish our goals.  The first segment of this is called Refresh.   During this segment of our strategy we will focus on refreshing our souls, minds, relationships, purposes in the Kingdom of God.  We will specifically focus on the discipline of prayer during this time. 
    Some of you are weary from the long battles you are facing from spiritual warfare, medical challenges, relationship strains and pains, and the list could go on.    The Word of God says to draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  If we need anything, we need to draw near to God, so close we reach out and touch the Master, the King of the Kingdom, because that changes everything.  We draw near to God in prayer! 
    The power of prayer is incalculable!  We often wait until it’s the last thing when we should engage in this first.  If we would do that we could experience the power of God through prayer so that we don't lose heart.  Dr. Tony Evans in his book Kingdom Prayer says that is why Paul wrote in Ephesians 3 to believers who were about to give up, they needed power so they would not loose heart and that power was delivered from God to them through prayer.
    Let us begin this missional strategy plan for this church year by Refreshing our body, minds, and souls through Prayer!
    Pastor David