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    September 2018

    Pastors Note September 3, 2018 Rev. David Smith

    September Church Notes

    As I sit here on a Wednesday night writing this pastors note to go in the bulletin on Sunday, I am reminded of the 40 days of fasting and prayer we are in the middle of right now.  I will be leaving for vacation the day after this note is given out in the bulletin.  I feel an urgency to share this before I leave. 


    Mary sent me a story about a lady who thought her prayers had not been answered for her husband to come to know Christ as his Savior.  5 Years after this lady's husband had died a business man who this lady's husband had given a ride as a hitchhiker just getting out of military, came to Chicago to look up the man who gave him the ride.   He asked for the man in his office but was told he could not see the man, but he could speak with his wife. 


    He told the man’s wife about what her husband had done for him, and that he had shared his faith with him AND that her husband had wept over the steering wheel and prayed to receive Christ that night in the car.  The man dropped off this military man, at his destination, and proceeded on his way.  The lady's husband never made it home.  He died in an accident that night. 


    The wife, not aware of this, thought God had not kept his promise to her that her husband would become a believer in Jesus.  As a result, she had walked away from God 5 years previously.   She now sat weeping as this former military man told her the story of her husband’s generosity and how he came to Jesus, proving God DID keep his word. 


    Who is on your list? Who are you praying for?  Tomorrow I will be doing a pastoral call at a hospital, where a person may or may not survive their reason for being there. I will be talking directly to them about their relationship to Christ.  I will have presented the Gospel to this person by the time you read this, & we will know if they survived and if they prayed to receive Christ.  I have nothing to lose and this person will have had eternity to gain. 

    Please don't take your prayer list lightly, someone's soul may depend on it, and you may be the way God will answer someone else's prayer.   There is nothing more REFRESHing than somehow being a part of another person finding Jesus as their Savior!  Fast and Pray and Witness on, to be REFRESHED to maximum capacity! Pastor David