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    June 2018 Pastor's Note

    Pastors Note July 13, 2018 Rev. David Smith
    As we begin the month of June, we will be finishing up the series on "A Flourishing Christian Life".   Also there are some critical things about to happen.  
    First, the church board will be having their annual planning session in which we will be laying out our missional strategy for the coming year.  The board will also be making a decision in regard to a Youth Pastor.  This needs much prayer!   
    We are also about to embark on the camping season with Family Camp, Children's Camp, Teen Camp, and Camp Evangekids.   These are critical events and moments in the lives of so many believers.  Many have settled a direction for their lives or a divine call to missional service, some take steps toward maturity and many have grown in immeasurable ways during camps.  Please be in prayer for this season in the life of our church and the East TN district.  
    Next, we will begin the emphasis on Fellowship with summer Sunday Nights and Prayer as we start off the church year implementing the missional strategy.  We will be seeking a concerted effort from all our congregation for prayer during this time.  
    As you can see, June is busy, but what is most needed is not the busy-ness, but a deep abiding prayer life to navigate all of these opportunities.      

    Join me in this deep abiding time of prayer.   
    Pastor David