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    April 2018

    Pastors Note April 11, 2018 Rev. David Smith

    We begin April with April Fools Day falling on the same day as Easter.  Since 1700, April 1st and Easter have fallen on the same day only 11 times.  Since 1700 many things have changed dramatically in our world.  

    The world was coming out of a dark time and exploration was happening across the globe.  It was slow and tedious, but everywhere the explorers went, the Gospel of Jesus was sure to follow.   Some thought it foolish to sail across the oceans to explore and some thought it foolish to take the Gospel with the explorers.   But go they did anyway, both explorers and missionaries. 

    For sure the explorers had ambitions and wealth on their minds, as did their sponsors, whether governments or businessmen.  For others it was an opportunity to escape religious persecution by coming to a new land where the risks seemed less here than to stay in their homeland.  

    God took big risks as well.  Some would say it was foolish for God to do what He did. For God to have sent His Son for a person like me, for humanity that could not seem to get it right or follow Him faithfully, seems to me to be too great a risk.     But then God knew what we would do to His Son.   Perhaps not so big a risk after all. 

    Then what in the world could compel God to send His only Son where He knew he would be crucified.  There is only one explanation, LOVE!   Love beyond our human comprehension.   Love that goes deeper than your worst failure, love that is stronger than my sin, love that is more powerful than death itself.  And what is more, he used this love to purchase salvation for us, to make a way for human beings to be in right relationship with Him, to change our lives and make us new creations when we have created a big mess of our lives. 

    Anyone who would turn away from that kind of love, must be very foolish indeed. 

    This Easter, Run to Jesus, not away from Him!  This April fools day, don't be fooled, Jesus is alive and well and He wants you to experience his love like never before. 

    Pastor David