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    March 2018

    Pastors Note April 11, 2018 Rev. David Smith

    As we begin the month of March, we are still in transition!  God is adjusting us as we have followed him into the second service model.  Already, God has brought us new people, and has met with us in ways perhaps we have not expected.  


    We will continue into the Lenten season with the Kingdom of the Cross series as we draw closer and closer to Easter.  I know God has even greater things in store for us as we are being discipled and are making disciples.  This is what people of the Kingdom of the Cross do, this is who we are.   We are compelled by Jesus great love to Love the Father with all we our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.   


    This is what a Cross mentality looks like, this how Christ loved us.   As we grow and change because of Christ living in us and living through us, we will experience some discomfort.   There will be things and people we will let go, and there will be things and people we take up, and things and people we send so the Kingdom of the Cross continually moves into the enemy territory, encroaching on darkness and sharing The Light of the World.  


    That is a lot of letting go, taking up, and sending that sounds very ominous and even overwhelming.  However, Christ has called us to take up the cross and follow Jesus wherever, whenever, and however He leads.    This task of following Jesus, walking in obedience to all he calls us to BE and DO is the very essence of being His disciple.   Let us in this Lenten season, realize our purpose of taking up our cross and following Jesus as more than just a "Christian Cliché'" and make it the very action of our lives. 


    Pastor David